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NYC’s Most Sustainable LEED Certified Luxury Apartment Building

As the first residential building in America rated LEED Platinum, The Verdesian marries luxury and sustainability in perfect harmony. The Verdesian puts you at the pinnacle of sustainable living. Here you breathe filtered air, drink filtered water, and live in a building 40% more efficient than required by code. Everything has been designed for minimum environmental impact and maximum creature comfort.

At The Verdesian, you can truly live your convictions. Practically every surface you touch and every system that supports or enhances your lifestyle has been designed to the highest standards of sustainability. There are no ozone-depleting refrigerants in the cooling system. Clean air is delivered via MERV 12 air filters endorsed by the American Lung Association. And you'll be using 50% less potable water than a conventional high-rise building. Living here puts you at the cutting edge of environmental responsibility.

Cleaner air, purer water and more abundant natural light are just the beginning of the luxurious sustainable details The Verdesian offers. All appliances are Energy Star rated, and every countertop, cabinet and floor is made of ultra-luxury, sustainable material. Even the windows are specially coated to help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The neighborhood begins on your own roof with a tranquil terrace featuring our own vegetable and herb garden. At street level, you're in Battery Park City, the largest green neighborhood in the world. The waterfront is at your doorstep, as are 36 acres of parks, gardens, playing fields and more. Some of New York's finest public schools are right here along with world-class shopping and dining.

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24 hour concierge
Children's playroom
Residents' storage available
Bicycle storage with air pump
Fitness Center
Landscaped roof garden
24-hour valet parking
Electric vehicle charging station
Laundry facility


Energy The Verdesian uses 35% less energy than a similar building and provides a 65% percent reduction in summer peak demand. Five percent of the building’s base electric load is generated onsite by solar power.


The Verdesian consumes 50% less potable water than a traditional building of comparable size. All tap water is centrally filtered while each refrigerator delivers drinking water that is filtered twice.


The Verdesian offers year-round central heating and cooling through a four pipe fan coil unit. Fresh filtered air is delivered to each home which is heated and humidified during cold weather and cooled and dehumidified during warm weather.


The Verdesian uses rapidly renewable materials as well as materials with high recycled content and low or no VOC paints and adhesives. Kitchen cabinets are made from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and all materials are procured from a 500-mile radius of the building.