15th Annual BPC Block Party: Celebrates the “Best Small Town in The Big Apple”

The 2016 Annual Battery Park City Block Party will be held on Sunday, September 18 from 11:30am to 4PM - on Esplanade Plaza (next to North Cove Marina).

This is their 15th Annual party. The event was born of the desire to encourage the area's emotional recovery and rebirth, following the events of 9/11.

“'The sentiment behind the first block party was to say that we, the residents and businesses of Battery Park City, are back and want to celebrate the bond that grew out of 9/11, a shared experience and a difficult year, and forge our community into something stronger than before,' said Rosalie Joseph, a co-organizer of the block party."

The BPC Block Party celebrates the "Best Small Town in The Big Apple" - which is the perfect way of describing our area!

The event is unlike other block parties in other neighborhoods - which have outside vendors. The BPC Party showcases local restaurants, local vendors and local talent - and is all about the community.

We encourage you to attend! To keep posted about the event, you can go to the event's Facebook Page

Battery Park City Block Party - Near the Verdesian