Food security policy brief Problem Solution Essay

  • July 27, 2020
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Malnutrition and work capacity

Malnutrition can be described as the condition that emerges as a result of few or no nutrients. edubirdie essay review It threatens the physical well-being of the people. reliable Work capacity refers to the capability to keep on repeating quality effort that is high. e birdy Food security can be defined as the accessibility of food and nutrients for the provision of energy and maintenance in order to lead a good life that is healthy and active at all times.


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When food insecurity is high, it becomes hard for people to live comfortable lives. edgie birdy For instance in the case of Hurricanes in Nicaragua, a poor country in America, hurricanes have impacted the residents negatively as it has caused deaths, displaced people and buildings, damaged crops and wiped out fruit trees.

The infrastructure of the community in the affected region is seriously destroyed, and the subsidence farmers have no otherwise since the land for agriculture is already flooded. edubirdiereviews This destruction has led to food insecurity in the country especially in the affected region.

As the international donor, there are measures I should take to ensure that the country gets both short term and long term solutions. plagiarism checker blue bird The short time solution, in the provision of food security, is the support from the Red Cross with support from the local authorities, SINAPRED, Catholic Church and the world food program. edubirdie paraphrase Support from other nations is critical at the moment.

The long term solution is that the FAO (food agriculture organization) with the support of other nations should launch a project that is aimed at improving productivity of the association of local farmers and also to provide food security to households. writing Learning and training programs in production, processing and marketing is also of immense importance as it will help them improve prospects of income. edubirdie essay writer I will urge the government to support this idea.

There are 3 themes in entitlement approach that emphasize on an element that provide linkage between the hunger of individuals and the global balance of food which include; states hunger, the world food market and the conflicts between net sellers edubirdie and net buyers EduBirdie Reviews both internationally and nationally.

As for the case of endowment and hunger or power to purchase food at the current market price, it is clear that if the value of goods in a country is low hunger can easily strike. cara memakai edubirdie The hurricanes have affected the production of food in Nicaragua. essay bird Trade is also affected because there will be no agriculture due to over flooding of the agricultural land. edubirdie phone number I will urge the government to trade with other countries.


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I urge the government of this country to develop and implement policies that will prevent food insecurity. ca.edubirdie essay The policy proposal should ensure food availability, investment of infrastructure in the rehab, job issues, disaster preparedness, technology, and crop insurance, investment in an age-micro-livestock and crops cash transfer.

A policy that ensures that food is available at all times should be developed and implemented by the government of Nicaragua. eddie birdie This will ensure that there will be no cases of malnutrition, death cases among many more.

A policy that will instrument investment of infrastructure in the rehab should be established. eubirdie The rural areas are known for the supply of food since there is enough land and conducive climate and environment for agriculture. This will ensure that there will be no food insecurity. Job policy should also be looked at to ensure that people in Niagara will change their standards of living.

A policy that will ensure that the people of Niagara are knowledgeable enough to predict occurrences of disasters should be established. This will ensure that people are taught and trained through programs in production, processing and marketing is also of considerable importance as it will help them improve prospects of income.

A policy that ensures that the emerging technology is integrated with agriculture or in any source of food provision is vital too. The crop insurance policy is extremely critical in places that are vulnerable to disasters, so it should be established to help farmers not to incur losses in case of disasters.