Hyperreal Perception – at One Exchange Plaza

Hyperrealist artist - and pioneer of the genre - Carole Feuerman, creates incredibly lifelike art such as sculptures with slight physical imperfections that make them appear all the more human.

Her exhibit "PERCEPTION: In The Eye of the Beholder" is on until March 24, 2017, and inaugurates the re-opening of One Exchange Plaza at 55 Broadway.

It features 28 of Feuerman's most iconic works, including her sculptures and paintings.

The show is in partnership with the non-profit Chashama, which partners with property owners to bring vibrant, artistic programming to spaces in New York City and Gallery C24.

That the works are perceived, at first glance, to be real, allows the viewer to connect more intensely with the figures:

"The success of each of Feuerman’s works hinges on the believably of it. It is quite easy to stand in front of the artist’s work and shift our sense of reality. When the physical materials of the artwork, the resin, the bronze and the paint and lacquer are perceived as nothing other than skin and flesh, what we are left with the truth or psychological story of each figure... Feuerman is not the first to employ the technique of suspending disbelief to convey something more profound. Fellow hyperrealist sculptors Maurizio Cattelan and Ron Mueck often use the system to comment on politics and human dynamics. And while it is possible to take the beauty of her work at face value, Feuerman's figures carry with them a reverberating message of human resilience. "


(From "Perception" - by Carole Feuerman)