Insider’s Scoop, Part 2 – The Verdesian Talks About Battery Park City’s Appeal

This series will focus on what makes Battery Park City - and the Verdesian and Solaire buildings – the perfect NYC place to live.

We interviewed The Verdesian about Battery Park City and their insider information about the area. Last time, we discussed the delectable food in Battery Park City. This time, we look at the area itself and what makes it so livable.

How do you think Battery Park City compares to other areas that people might hear of more frequently? For instance, Gramercy?

What's similar is that there's so much around here close to the subways.  You have Whole Foods, that's huge for this community. You have stellar restaurants. And Brookfield Place here – which means lots of great shopping.

There's so much in this direct area.  Everything is pretty central, everything’s at your fingertips – and yet you're in a very peaceful environment.

Photo of Battery Park - with a duck - by Nick Wan

(Hudson River Park - Photo by Nick Wan (@wanhattan) on Instagram)

What's commonly said is that Battery Park City is a little bit of suburbia - in the city. That it offers the best of both worlds.

Absolutely. There's so much green, and you're right near the water, and once you cross the West Side Highway, there's such a sense of calmness. It's very peaceful and quiet here.

There's a real sense of community, like you’d have in a suburban town. It’s ideal, because often the kids who go to school nearby, they'll have friends in the building. So there's a great sense of community, heightened by the fact that people do stay here a long time.

An issue in actual suburbs is often the lack of transportation options – which is obviously not the case here.

Right - it's very easy to get around - especially with the numerous subway lines - and the Downtown Connection bus.

How does it fare for biking?

There’s the bike path along the West Side Highway, and you can rent Citi Bikes right down the street. Near the Irish Hunger Memorial, there's a whole Citi Bike station.

And people ride their bikes along the Hudson River, in Hudson River Park.

Hudson River Park - Biker - Photo by Becca Roth (@beccaroth) on Instagram

(Hudson River Park - Photo by Becca Roth (@beccaroth) on Instagram)

It's very convenient and easy ride your bike around here - and, of course, to walk.

On the topic of walking and parks: The Solaire and Verdesian are right on Hudson River Park.  

Hudson River Park - Autumn Leaves - Photo by on Instagram

(Photo by on Instagram)

It’s so beautiful, right on the water.

There's a huge path where people bike and walk; there's benches, so, again, a very peaceful place.

There’s also Wagner Park where you have a great view of the Statue of Liberty, and it's close to the Sea Glass Carousel.

Wagner Park - Photo by Thomas De Pierro (@deeparrow ) on Instagram

(Wagner Park - Photo by Thomas De Pierro (@deeparrow ) on Instagram)

All these factors are appealing. What do you feel draws many people to the area?

We’ve had many clients come in who have recently been relocated to Battery Park City. Not even from abroad, necessarily, but their offices might've been located in Midtown East or Midtown West, and they're moving down here. We see more and more of that every day.

What feedback do you get from people who move here?

They really enjoy being within a one-to-two-block walk to work. That's huge.

A lot of them have new families, and so they can easily come home during lunch if they want.

It's a totally different New York experience than they had traditionally.

We have a PS89 down the street, an excellent public school: A lot of families choose to live down here because they can walk their kids to school. And then parents work in the area as well - so everything is here, and they don't have to commute.

It makes it a special place, because people make this their home and stay for a long time.

View from The Verdesian

(View from The Verdesian)