Piano: “Flower from Wandering Water” Blooms in Battery Park City

Meet your piano!

"Flower from Wandering Water" is the artist designed piano living in Battery Park City right now as part of Sing for Hope

Sing for Hope feels strongly about the power to unite and inspire communities. Ever year, the organization:

"places artist-designed pianos throughout NYC’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. Each summer, the pianos bring individuals and communities together in an open festival of art for all. After their time on the streets, Sing for Hope transports the instruments to NYC public schools, where they become hubs for Sing for Hope’s ongoing creative programs and enrich students’ lives for years to come."

The Battery Park City creation, designed by Dongze Huo, reflects Huo's belief in uncertainty and chance and the Taoist belief in allowing things to happen:

"I want to tell people to think positively about changes as well. Life and color dance on my canvas, and my brush strokes are not confined by the rigid discipline of traditions. It is spontaneous continuous movement, abandoning restrictions for serendipity." 


Painted piano - part of "Sing for Hope" - artist: Dongze Huo "Flower from wandering water" in Battery Park City

Stop by Battery Park City Parks to see - and play - this interactive work of art. (21 South End Avenue, Monday to Sunday from 9AM to 9 PM - until June 24th.)