A Sophisticated and Sustainable Lifestyle

At The Verdesian, our innovative design offers abundant light, cleaner air, filtered water, and greater energy efficiency.

The Verdesian was designed to consume 40% less energy, reduce peak demand for electricity by 67%, and require 50% less potable water than a conventional residential high-rise building. An integrated array of solar panels was designed to generate electricity for 5% of the base building's load. The building incorporates an advanced HVAC system fueled by natural gas and free of ozone-depleting refrigerants. Multi-level humidification and ventilation systems supply filtered fresh air to each residential unit.

At The Verdesian, our commitment to smarter living allows you to enjoy a healthier lifestyle while making a positive impact on our planet. Rising 26 stories, The Verdesian is the first LEED Platinum high-rise residential rental building in the nation and has become an important model for green construction around the world.

Indulge in a healthier, more natural lifestyle at The Verdesian, where residents benefit from exclusive amenities and unsurpassed lifestyle services in Manhattan's most coveted waterfront neighborhood. Green by Design. Healthy by Nature. The Verdesian on the Park. Welcome Home.