Text Your Verdesian Valet! With Valet Request

We know our residents lead busy lives, and we want to make things as convenient as we can.

Our garage (an ICON garage) recently partnered with ElimiWait the innovative "Valet Request" which lets you know when your car is ready and waiting in the garage.

Verdesian and Solaire residents are able to text a number beforehand. This sends our valet a notification, and residents can simply relax until they receive a text notification that their car is all ready for them!

Valet Request - Text Valet Service at Verdesian

"When customers arrive at the valet, they receive a number to text their pickup request to. When they want their car, they can text their pickup time and month or ticket number to the valet to let them know when they are coming, allowing the valet to prepare for the customer’s arrival. The attendant gets alerted before the customer arrives and the customer does not have to wait as long for their car. Everyone benefits."

Time is a pretty precious commodity, and we're happy to help you make the most of it.