This Summer: Behold the Arts – at Arts Brookfield!

One of the best parts of New York City is that it's a cultural hub with a myriad of arts events on at all times.

And when you're in Battery Park City, there's so much nearby!

For instance, Arts Brookfield commissions, produces, and presents world-class works of art - supporting creativity and innovation in the fields of music, dance, theater, film, and visual art.

Over the summer, their calendar has a wide array of fun experiences to partake in.

Just as a sample:

We're especially excited about "The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation" - on June 10th to July 7th. Created by a Montreal-based design studio, The Swings is on it's US tour, settling in NYC for just under a month, before its last stop in San Jose.

"Swing, and experience collective music-making in this interactive art installation! The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation is a giant, collective musical instrument that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds. Each swing represents one of four instruments—piano, harp, guitar, vibraphone—and triggers sound when participants swing back and forth. As certain melodies emerge through cooperation between players, The Swings fosters a sense of community and ownership of public space."

Then there's the very intriguing "Air Pressure", on view beginning June 27. It's a kinetic sculptural installation designed by artist collaborative Studio F Minus which features over 175 inflatable fabric birds, activated by air, flapping their wings.

"Fans inside the sculpture power on and off on timer switches, and the wings inflate and deflate accordingly, mimicking the motion of a bird in flight. Each sculpture flaps its wings independently, creating a naturalistic animation. The effect is produced entirely through changes in air pressure."

Followed by:

  • Family fun at "Bastille Day" on July 16th.
  • And if you fancy a film - you can watch them on a rooftop! Rooftop films are on July 28-30.

There's also a monthly salon, a lunchtime music series, - and an upright piano to play, with sheet music you can request!

Have fun and bask in the free arts close-by!