This Week: A Magic Show & an Earth Day Celebration

Solaire and Verdesian residents: This week, Complete Body and Curated Care brings you and your kids exciting events!

First: Time for magical fun

Thursday, April 20 at 5 PM in the Verdesian Lobby, Magician Seth Dale presents a dazzling display of illusions for our little residents.


Then,  it's our Earth Day Celebration!

Saturday, April 22 at 10 AM in the Verdesian Lobby, we celebrate our beautiful planet in honor of Earth Day. Using Dr Seuss's story "The Lorax", children will create their very own Truffula Forest, Truffula Trees and Humming Fish using natural materials and recycled goods.

Finally, we invite all children to participate in an art project that depicts what Earth Day means to them. It can be an illustration of their ideal world or an art installation made of recycled bottles and cans. Please submit your work/project to the Solaire and Verdesian lobbies to be displayed.

See you soon!