Two to Try: Battery Park City

Whether you're a Battery Park City aficionado or still yet haven't taken in much of what the area has to offer, you'll constantly find the new and noteworthy here!

The neighborhood always has fresh restaurants and stores, intriguing events - and list-makers

Curbed discovered one of their 29 things to do in NYC with kids in Battery Park City: #16 was Teardrop Park which "seems to create space from midair":

"Designed by landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh, the two-acre Teardrop Park is a naturalistic take on playgrounds in Battery Park City. Kids can go down steel slides, play in sand boxes, splash in craggy water features, and rock hop over boulders to their heart’s content."

 Teardrop Park - in Battery Park City

(From - Teardrop Park)

And Eater named Le District in their list of best new poutines. The French food hall has a mouth-watering take on the already delectable Montreal creation of fries, gravy and cheese. At the french fry counter, you'll find the "Canadienne" with a:

"decidedly Gallic take on the dish. Thus the curds are smaller and smoother, the gravy really a translucent demi-glace, and sautéed green onions on top. The serving is generous enough that Bar A Frites’ poutine constitutes an entire meal."

Poutine Canadienne - Le Distict - Battery Park City

(From @ledistrict's Instagram: "In the mood for poutine? @eater_ny has called our Poutine Canadienne one of the best in NYC. But don't take their word for it... try it yourself at our Bar A Frites station.")

What's your favorite find in Battery Park City?